Achievement and a few statistics

Today I achieved another goal in the composition of R: I finished the music for the third scene of Act I. The score has now 64 pages, that contain 414 measures, which in turn contain a total of 14,718 notes, that make approximately 15.5 minutes of music. This means that, after 9 weeks of work (I had to stop for a couple weeks to take care of some important stuff) I’m almost half way through the first act. I'll have to stop again — or at least slow down considerably — for a few weeks, in order to write a commission for Peruvian flute-player Daniel Cueto. Despite that, I'm very confident I'll be able to finish Act I before my new trip to Buenos Aires, in July, to attend the performance of Die Soldaten at the Teatro Colon. I'm still trying to decide how to make those short samples I mentioned in previous posts. My next update will surely contain a few of them, for you to enjoy. That's all for now. Till the next post.

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