First act finished & some excerpts

Today I can officially declare that the first act of R is finished. I actually wrote the final measure a few weeks ago but since then I have been inspecting every note, every bar, correcting minor notation mistakes and making improvements to the orchestration. The score is 842 measures long and lasts about 32 minutes, which is roughly 30% of the total duration (that I estimate will be around 110 minutes).

For quite some time, I've been promising to upload samples but I was so concentrated in the composition itself that I couldn't avoid the temptation of procrastinating the task week after week. But, better late than never, as they say. 

So, here they are. Of course, these are just samples of the instrumental part. It makes no sense for me to show you an endless stream of ah's that replace a text you cannot hear and thus force you to try to make sense of a succession of sounds whose meaning you cannot grasp. I've tried to choose extracts that show different sonorities and moods as well as different instrumental densities. 

Regarding the musical style, I haven't made use of the traditional opposition of arias and recitatives. I preferred to combine both in a continous flow that moves from one to the other, some times in quick succession, other times with a bit more space in between. In other words, in R there are no real arias or recitatives. Instead, there are passages – of various sizes – that sound like arias interspersed with passages that sound like recitatives and even others that combine characteristics of both. The decision of what style to use was based on the needs of the narrative and, ultimately, on the text itself.

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