New milestone: Act I Scene 4, finished!

Hi everyone! It's been quite a while since my last post, so I'll summarize what has happened in the past months. After finishing the music of Scene 3, by mid March, I made a trip to Buenos Aires to take care of some personal stuff and then came back just before the start of the semester. I got stuck in between classes and the composition of a commission for flute and guitar which was successfully premiered in July. Shortly after that, I made a second trip to Buenos Aires, where I attended the performance of Zimmermann's Die Soldaten, at Teatro Colón. Then, I came back to Lima and resumed my work on R. Finally, today I celebrate a new achievement: I have completed the music up to the fourth scene of the first act. The score has now 81 pages (528 measures) and lasts about 20 min. Also, almost all major characters have been introduced so far (only two remain, that won't appear until the very end of the opera). If I keep the pace, I believe I can finish the music of Act I by the end of August. Regarding performance, I've been talking to some people but there's nothing concrete at this moment. In any case, I still have more than a year before I can finish the music so there's plenty of time to determine where and when (as well as how) R will be produced. Next post will have some samples, I promise!

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