RUR | The Opera is now R | The Opera

For some time, Richard and I have been aware of the existence of other projects named RUR around the world. There is, in particular, another opera on the same subject by Czech composer Jan Jirásek, which is to be premiered in Prague in 2016. This comes as no surprise to us as Capek's play has been in the public domain since 2009. In addition, it makes perfect sense that a Czech composer has decided to turn the material into an opera. Apart from the obvious similarities that will arise due to that fact that both librettos are based on the same play, we have every confidence that ours is an essentially different piece. Moreover, as I’m not familiar with Jirásek’s work, there’s no possibility of my being influenced by his particular style. Finally, what Leonard Bernstein called the “infinite variety of music” ensures against the possibility of any resemblance between the scores of both operas.

Contrary to what others might think, Richard and I are neither concerned nor discouraged by the appearance of other projects based on RUR. As a matter of fact, we both celebrate the fact that there are other initiatives destined to promote Capek's legacy, in particular, the ideas about love and humanity he exposed on RUR. Nevertheless, we have thought it wise to change the name of our project, so that it doesn't get mistaken with Jirásek's work – or with any other adaptation of RUR. The name of our opera, from now on, will be simply R. We know you might find this a little intriguing, so Richard is going to write an explanation about this choice. You will be able to find this as a new entry in the menu shortly.