Work on R has started!

Well, actually I started last week — to be more precise, on January 7 — but I’ve been so excited about the whole thing that I couldn’t calm myself down to write a post on this blog. So far, I have almost 4 minutes of the opera. It’s a fraction of the total time I have calculated for the work (2 hours, give or take) but nevertheless it’s a good start. I’m amazed at how the music flows directly from the text in such an easy way. This is, of course, due to Richard's wonderful libretto. It's a complete joy to work with it! Absolute rapture! To be honest, I was terrified at the beginning, but with every measure I write I get more and more confident. At some point, as I promised, I will start uploading small fragments of the work; mere computer sequences, of course, but at least good enough to have some sense of how it will sound in the end. However, I'm afraid it's too soon for that at this moment. Well, that's all for now. Back to work!

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